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    Lower back & Groin discomfort...

    Over the last week I've been tossing and turning at night due to lower back and slight groin pain. The only thing I can attribute it to in my mind was last Wednesday I was riding and fell over (at a stop) due to not unclipping fast enough. It was my first time on a clipless setup.

    Prior to that I been riding almost daily for 3~4 weeks with no discomfort. I would think if it had to due with the saddle I'd experienced the discomfort sooner? So the fall is really the only thing that I can point my finger at.

    The only time I experience the discomfort seems to be when I am laying down or sitting at a certain angle. Otherwise, if I am up moving around it's not really noticeable.

    I've been taking Bayer Back and Body which seems to help a little. I also have been icing my back and doing some stretches afterwards which seems to help a little too. I was wondering if there is anything else you'd suggest to help recovery from this quicker?

    - Scott

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    Couple things.

    Clipless pedals and cycling shoes will have a different stack height than flats and whatever shoes you were using before. Does your saddle feel like it got higher or lower?

    Doing some ab work makes me a stronger, more resilient mountain biker, IMO. But wait until your back feels better. Try a hot bath. Try lying on your back and putting a suit case or something under your legs.
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    Re: Lower back & Groin discomfort...

    Good luck with this. Been fighting the exact since March. So bad at times, I've been off the bike weeks at a time.

    Hopefully you get it figured out. My doctors are still baffled.
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    Well, I am not a doctor and do not play one on TV, but:

    I have sciatica plus the occasional groin soreness. I find these are worse when I do not stretch or do core workouts regularly. Not to say this will work for you in the long run, but it has for me. Biking, especially MTB, works the whole body, and a strong core/back helps me keep my problems at least manageable, and mostly unnoticeable.

    Good luck.

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    I had a minor low back injury a few weeks ago after taking a cheap hit playing hockey. Even as my lower back started to get better, my upper back and neck started having a lot of pain. Got to the point that I couldn't turn my head more than a couple inches. It felt like it was in the muscles inside my shoulder blades. I got a hour massage, and I couldn't believe how much it helped. The pain was mostly gone that afternoon, and completely gone the next day. Not sure if a massage would help in your case, but I thought I would share. I've been riding pain free since the massage.

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    + 1 on saddle height check as your first stop. Typically going from flats to clipless your saddle needs to go up, this is due to not being able to get your cleats far enough back on the shoe to mimic an efficient flat pedal power delivery. (New shoes coming from Shimano and Five Ten look promising with regard to cleat placement for those of us used to flats, and a pedaling style that delivers power from behind the forefoot but ahead of the arch).

    If you're not sure about proper saddle height find a good bike fitter. As for recovery... Take it easy, ice/heat, stretch lightly and go see an ortho if things get worse (preferably one who works with athletes). Don't mess with your core/lower back. Good luck and hopefully your back on the trail and issue free!
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    If you have the option, raising the handlebar can ease the strain on a recovering back. Side effect relieving some groin pressure too.
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