This may have been asked before--I have been having an occasional pain at the bottom of my left quadricep--it is a feeling that you would normally feel after a long ride (kinda like tired). It doesn't happen every ride. Some rides there will be a pain that extends from the quad around the outside of the kneecap. It happens once every 5 to 10 minutes of riding--sometimes more--sometimes less. It seems to happen more when I am in a big gear--but not always (I went for a single speed ride 3 weeks ago and it felt fine.)

This on again / off again pain has been going on for about 6 weeks. It only occurs while riding. I have had no crashes. I am not training harder or more often. I have no past history of knee issues and am 35 yo. My weight has been the same for 10 years.

I will head to the doctor--but I wonder if anyone else has had similar pain. I like to tell the doctor what to look for.