I visited Brown County state park on the 11th of this month for my first visit and real first climbing (777ft) of any kind which made it probably the toughest ride i've had. I believe i started to experience some aching in my knees right behind the caps and in the joint area...probably from all the climbing i wasn't used to.

I laid back all the following week minus one 13mile ride.

Since Sunday i rode about 30miles, only 5 of them being trails, and yesterday i rode about 22miles (60miles total including all riding), 12 of them hammering down hard to match a time/distance record i previously set.....and now they are aching again.

The aching has been kinda on and off....sometimes light cycling may help it...sometimes i cycle too much and i go backwards in recovery.

I'm looking to get an idea of should I not be riding, how long should i recover etc. as I am not really familiar on the approach in dealing with this? Should i really stay completely off the bike? I'm just not familiar with general recovery routines/time windows.

The aching isn't all that bad, just enough for u to notice that your knees aren't totally happy.