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    ITB Band: Any sports doc recomendations?

    Hey Fellow MTBR people,

    I am currentlly suffering from ITB band syndrome, and perhaps some other forms of tendonitis in my legs from training for and riding in 24 hour races. I can't really ride right now, and physical therapy didn't really do much for me, and my primary care physicial is almost totally useless (did you try stretching, taking advil, rest.... DUH!).

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any good sports doctors in the central NJ area who either ride or race, or are cycling specialists. I need someone who understand cycling mechanics, and can help me out.

    I can't ride or run, the only thing I have been able to do is Yoga class, and lift weights at the gym. It really sucks.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

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    I live in Texas so I can't really give you any doctor recs, but be prepared to be let down. The doctors weren't able to give me any quick fixes. The thing I think worked was wearing a neoprene knee brace just above my knee. I had a standard neoprene knee brace and I modified it. I cut it about 2" wide and wear just above my knee while riding. I haven't felt the pain since. Granted I do all the stretches, adjusted my cleats to make sure my foot alignment was right, lowered my seat, moved my seat forward, starting riding w/ my orthotics in (I already wore them for over pronating issues)etc., etc. but I think the neoprene band is what did it. Good luck with it, I know it can be aggravating.

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    are you sure that the IT Band pain is ITB Syndrome and not something else? The only reason i say this is that I have had what i thought was a Groin, Hip Flexor strain to find i actually have a hip impingment, and i know IT Band pains can be cased by this too. I listened to my Chiropractor for too long and let my physio have a few goes and the Osteopath, but it was a surgeon and an MRI that gave me the real picture. I hope its not but if the treatment you are having is not working i suggest perhaps a visit to the Dr to get some scans/ x rays to be sure if other treatments aren't helping. I hope its not this and that your diagnosis and cause is known and correct, just wanted to throw my 2c in.
    Hope it gets better soon and that you are back on the bike soon.

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    there are actually a couple of stretches specifically for the itb that will relax it and restore flexiblility. i personally know many people its worked for and a couple its saved from surgery.

    ill see if i can make a video of how to do it and post it. right now i have a shattered collarbone from a broad hitting me with her car a couple of weeks ago while i was on my road bike on the baylor campus.
    "Knowledge is good." ~ Emil Faber

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    I'd also want to make sure you have your diagnosis right.

    Next, I would like to ask how severe your symptoms are and how long you've had them.
    I've hurt my ITB a few times, and many friends have too.

    What I found is that mine would pop over the bursa as I neared a straight leg extension (due to swelling). If I limited my knee movement it was fine. So I was able to cycle.
    If that's similar to your problem, ask yourself if your seat could be lowered temporarily to ease the problem.

    Also, if the problem has persisted for 3+ weeks and the continuing problems are related to self-sustaining inflammation (ie. the inflammation continues to cause irritation) then quit wasting time and get a cortisone injection.

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    I had a MAJOR left IT band blowout in high school. I hurt it really badly during a track meet, and it took me 9 months to get back up to speed. I did tons of stretches, lots of exercises with those rubber bands, saw about 4 different doctors, and went through about 6 months of rehab. The thing that helped the most just stretch stretch stretch and lots of very moderate and balanced strength training.

    Like everyone said be prepared for a long recovery...and take it VERY light at first. I tried to jump back into it too soon and it cost me probably 2 months.

    I can try to dig up my old stretching routine if you would be interested.

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    Try Platform Pedals

    Hi -

    A few weeks ago I did my first solo 24 hour race and ended up with IT problems, too. It was painful to ride and it was painful to walk. I took off about 3 weeks and did absolutely nothing (exercise-wise). I tried to ride again, but it started to hurt during the ride. My husband suggested that I try lowering my seat and riding platform pedals instead of the clipless. A week later I reluctantly tried it, thinking he must be crazy, but it worked out. I didn't have any pain riding.

    Just a suggestion... hope your injury gets better soon.

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