i am looking for some advice on my problem. i had pretty mi9nor crash, was actually climbing and in technical section fell on my left side. except couple scratches and bruises i also hit the side of my knee. didnt feel like hard hit, i was able to finish the ride without any issues. next week i went biking i felt that something is not right with my side of the knee. everytime i put down more power with my left leg i could feel it. in my knee. after this ride i didnt bike 2 weeks to let the knee heel . however on next ride same thing happened. now it doesnt bother me at all except when i bike hard. i thought it could be it band but it actually comes from below the knee joint. anyone has something simmilar happen to them? i have had this issue for 6 weeks now ant it keeps coming back every ride. i can ride recreational tempo for hours without feeling it but once i start putting down some power it comes back . the pain is not that bad, i can bike with it but it is super annoying and uncomfortable.