As a cyclist I know I'm the FNG. When it comes to injuries, I have the bona fides.
I've been into combat martial arts "no rules in a swordfight" for about 15 yrs. I usually hit the mat 30-40 in a training session. Not to mention the joint locks and throws and general pounding. Imagine getting on the mat w/Segal? Before that when I was young and crazy, motorcycles, wrestling, skiing and many years in construction.
I swear by my frozen gel packs. I start/end every day w/them. I also do inversion 2X for about 1-2 min each time. Decompressing the always compacted spine only makes sense.
My top student is a massage therapist. We trade. Chiro as needed 1-2 week. Somethimes the chiro wonders if I have been in auto wreck?
I don't max out anymore. I like to train at about 80% or less. Maxing out means longer recovery and chance of injury. As I've gotten older "52" shorter workouts are easier to recover from and allow more training time w/less chance of injury. I've always placed agility over power.
I had to pretty much give up drinking. My liver could either process the beatings my body gets or process the alcahol, can't do both. I still get toxic occasionally just to remind myself that I'm not missing anything.

Hope this can help someone,
I've paid heavily for it.