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    How often do you get cold or flu?

    I truly believe endurance athletes don't get sick as much due to their fitness. From the endurance athletes I know, they don't get sick often either.

    How often do you get a cold or flu?

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    I have asthma problems, and used to get the flu at least twice a year, and it would smash me.

    3 years ago l started riding year long, all through winter regardless of rain/hail/snow etc, since then l havent been sick, could be luck but l doubt it.

    I have a feeling the body gats into a rythm and mine basically doesnt have time to be sick.

    edit: lm no endurance athelete btw
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    Very, very rarely.

    Haven't been sick with anything other than a minor cold since I had dysentery in 2013.

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    I get a cold a couple times a year (usually during the winter months) Cant remember the last time I had the flu.

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    Okay, here we go;

    I recently boasted about how I've only been really down and sick a few times in my 34 years of marriage. I use that time frame because I trust my wife's memory better than mine and I can always ask her. I just turned 56 in late Nov btw.
    Anyways as of that recent boasting, I was stuck down with a solid 4-5 day bug within a day or 2 of my bragging. No stomach illness, just a cough and lung congestion (rsv?) and then fever, chills and breaking fever the first day only to hit me a 2nd time and linger a few more days. Really knocked my on my a** but I missed no work. My wife had the fever hit her twice too. Just got over this a week ago. Nothing like this has hit me for 5 days before. Even a nasty flu bug as I've had a few in those many years hits and leaves within a day or 2.
    I should say that I caught what my wife had and she was at least 7 to 10 days into and ahead of me. Hers lasted longer too.

    I'm still going with that few times in 34 years of marriage. As for a nasty head cold, no more than once a year. Recently a few colds felt like they were coming on only to taper off right away and never fully hit. That's been weird but I'm grateful.

    All in all, I've been quite healthy all my life and was of slender build into my early-mid 30's. I always thought skinny people were sickly ?

    Now at 56, I'm not the 5'11.75" I used to be (I called it 6 foot). I'm just under 5'11" , waist is 36 rounded up (35+ is more accurate) weight bobs around at 172 - 175 #.

    I was married at 22 with a 30" waist and 130#
    Holy cow, getting fat and old !!

    Best of luck and health to you all !
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    I get a cold (usually one or 2 symptoms: combo of sore throat, runny nose, or cough etc.) about once or twice per year. Fortunately, I've never experienced flu. I always get a flu shot for personal protection and work related policy.

    I believe being fit and healthy does reduce the impact of the common cold and flu, and the length of infection. I find now that I'm fitter, I get fewer colds, but when I do get one I feel lousy for a day or two and then I'm fine - compared to a week of suffering in my yesteryear and when I was going through aggressive cancer treatments.

    An interesting rule of thumb I've heard to determine if you should work out: Symptoms above neck; work out, maybe take it easy. Symptoms below neck; don't work out; take it easy.
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    Yeah I have been lucky within the last number of years, really only getting the occasional day bug where I might take an afternoon off or call in for a day or two. Working in my office environment we have a policy that if you feel like you are getting something then stay home as we have had situations where people have come in and within days the entire office is out due to contamination.

    I have personally found that if I am less active I seem to get more bugs. I am prone to sinus and upper respiratory infections but even those have fallen more to the wayside than in the past. Comparatively to a number of years ago before we started losing weight, well it is night and day difference. For me, athletic build, in my late 30s now and continually active I find that I dont get as sick as I did when I was in my late 20s, and built like a flabby brick #$%*house. Mind you I went from being 263# on my wedding day almost 10yrs ago to my weight this morning of 175.4#.

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    Some pretty good stories to reinforce that staying fit and strong is healthy.

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    Up to age 40, I never got sick....ever. Now 1-2X a year. i got a throat/congestion thingy the week of Christmas and just last week got a throat/runny nose thingy from a lady sitting beside me on a flight that was coughing her head off. I know it was her......

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    I'm like 1 big one year,,but I'm a plumber for the School district and am surrounded by 2 legged germ bags on a daily basis

    When I first started with the district I was sick every other month for a year straight, with some kind of cold or something, I now have the immune system of Superman
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    While being fit is certainly open to interpretation it appears keeping yourself "super fit" is actually very taxing to your immune system along with the rest of your biology.

    I haven't been sick whatsoever in over 28 years. Not even chapped lips much less a cold. I attribute most of that to my consistent consumption of select supplements. I may add that as I'm getting older, anecdotally, I seem to be aging better than my contemporaries physically and physiologically.

    I drink to much, get fat & lazy through the winter, have more than a healthy amount of life stressors etc. On the flip side I somewhat consistently lift weights, ride bikes (along with other hobbies), and generally speaking am excited for life. Lots of factors, belief probability chief among them.
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    1 big one a year, and maybe 2 small colds. The big ones the last two years have been some sort of lung infection in spring. I'm really hoping getting back on the bike, getting my diet under control and getting active will help prevent that this spring.

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    I was absolutely fine until someone sneezed all over me at Traitor Joe's on Monday when I was trying to buy beer. I ran away, but it wasn't fast enough.

    Really knocked my on my a** but I missed no work.
    This is a big part of the problem.

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