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Thread: Head injury

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    Head injury

    Hi first time poster here, typing away on my bed in a bit of a haze.. It happened on a Friday morning in late April. My commute is about 3 miles or so i've been doing this distance for a little bit over a year. I was heading south on a fairly big street when apparently a 60+ year old guy in a 85 full size Chevy pick up made a left turn on me... I don't remember much of it i just remember waking up on a hospital bed with random relatives and co-workers seeing how i was doing. I woke up with in a daze i couldn't stand or sit up.. I had a catheter up my pee hole to be exact as well ... they said i had a fractured skull and a dislocated nose... i have like a big black bruise on my shoulder area.. So it could have been worse, been off of work been bored at home recovering, Oh gonna wear a helmet from now on ... hit too close to home this time, i lived the story so it's a warning for myself and whoever else can imagine themselves going through this.. i know i didn't..

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    Totally wear a helmet!! Sounds like you're very lucky

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