Long story short, i fell on my hand in the summer believe i tore something in my wrist. (getting a MRI this week for that)

Two months later i rode the Subaru 24 Challange in Seven Springs. I only rode for a max of 5 hours. throughout the 24 hours. (rode with 6 people) But that was the most i have ever ridden in 24 hours.

So anyways the next day i notice my fingers hurt, i pretty much told my self thats life and it will go away. Now ever since when i mountain bike my fingers feel like their getting swollen. And the pop when they bend them and hurt like crap for about 30 minutes after my ride. And usually have to stretch them out during.

So anyways my doctor (who is avid cyclist) told me i have could have, arthritics, lime disease, tendinitises,...or carpel tunnel!

I am getting blood tests and more testing done this week.

But has anyone ever had this happen? Or might know what it could be so i don't sit here and worry!