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    Groin/Hip Injury. Anyone experience similar?

    I've been riding for roughly 4 months, so I'm new to the sport.

    About a month ago I was riding some rather hilly trails and testing out a my newly configured seat height. I raised it about an inch higher than I usually run it.

    The trail was going fine other than it was extremely humid and hot and the climbs were getting rather aggressive. By the end of it I was gassed. Other than fatigue from riding I felt fine.

    Fast forward about 12 hours later, I awake in the night to a severe cramp/pain in my left groin/hip region, where the leg and abdomen meet. The pain was so intense it made me feel rather nausea. After about 20 minutes the pain subsided and I fall back asleep.

    The next morning I awaken and my left side hurts and a little bit of my lower abdomen. It's nothing severe, but a nagging, movement limiting sensation. Pop some ibuprofen and rest and the next few days.

    Well the pain nags at me and I finally go to the doc about a week later. Checks me for possible spleen injury and hernias and shakes his head "no" that it isn't the problem. Tells me to rest it and continue the ibuprofen regimen and apply heat. Do that for a week and slowly my back starts to hurt as well as occasional pain in my left testicle (always seems to be the left) and I have a hard time getting comfortable. At night my hip, back, calve, inner thigh muscles twitch (never painfully, actually felt somewhat good). I go back to the doctor (another one, my family physician), and she says that it's muscle overuse injury and recommends physical therapy and she checks for herniation and finds none.

    So I've been doing physical therapy for about 2 weeks now and stretching my hip, ab, and back muscles. It feels good and I feel like I'm limbering up, however, I still have the nagging sensation and occasional pain in hip/groin region (never debilitating, but still there). I've had an additional doctors visit and she checked again for a hernia, but found nothing.

    So I guess the question or input I'm looking for if anyone has a clue what might be going on? Similar experience? What it was for you? Do you believe it was the seat height?

    I never had any pain while riding that day. There were no pops, sharps pains, or anything searing or painful on ride that day. I felt fine and in the evening I went fishing, worked my bike, and had a small hike. It just seems odd that after 5 weeks I would still be experiencing the pain. Feels like pressure or bruising.

    I've since adjusted my seat height back down. Yesterday my physical therapist gave me the green light to go on light rides (pavement only and nothing to strenuous). She told me from the start to keep moving and walking. I hiked five miles today with just mild discomfort, I could feel my left lower ab and left hip area tightening, but otherwise have felt fine. It seems the anxiety of not knowing why it's happening is more painful than the discomfort.

    I'm supposed to have a CAT scan next week to make sure that there isn't something else going on.

    Thanks for reading the book I wrote. I'd love to hear your stories and input on it.

    Update: Last night I went to the ER for the pain. It intensified a bit. They did a CAT scan and found nothing. Gave me some flexeril and told me to take it easy. Doc suspects it may be torn muscle or impinged nerve that is being stubborn.
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    So it could be tendonitis or muscle strain/sprain. Or there could be underlying anatomical things you just can't do much about. I injured my hip over ten years ago and it has nagged me ever since. I finally went and saw an orthopedist and after xrays and exam it was determined I had some mild arthritis in that hip but I also had a hip impingement. This is basically limited range of motion in the hip joint from either a genetic anatomical cause or the result of injury. Either way, he told me my symptoms were classic for this and the impingement usually causes some sort of damage to the joint space...arthritis or such. Your symptoms sound similar to mine although I have not had pain in the jewels. Mine is pretty focused in the space where the leg and abdomen join as well as the lower back and butt. I have been living with this for a long time and it is manageable. I have found that I do best with lots of stretching...especially focusing on hip flexor and hamstring stretches. This has increased my mobility and it helps with pain/ discomfort. Ibuprofen when things are really hurting and ice packs at times. I have also found that strength training helps...squats/lunges and other core focused exercises have helped with my flexibility.
    Riding is pretty much a non issue for me as far as aggravating it. Running however destroys it. When my wife manages to coax me into running with her I know I am in for some pain. Maybe because I don't ever run on a regular basis. But why run when you can ride.
    Good luck with it.

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