So I just had a fairly normal ride I've done a thousand times before. Just had a small slide and must have caught my ring finger when I went down. When I took my hand out of my glove got the nice surprise of a finger pointing a little bit too far the wrong direction. I was feeling it with my other hand to see if I could feel anything or see how bad it was hurt and it felt like it popped and started to look pretty normal again.

I Finished my ride(not like there's another option) and figured I'd stop by the urgent care instead of the normal using webmd and finding out its cancer. With some ice it was starting to feel pretty good and was actually thinking of leaving before I was seen. I got the x-ray and I was wrong. The last bone of my ring finger is fractured next to the joint.

It sucks I've been working hard on getting ready to race this year. First race is coming up in may. On monday I'll get an appointment with a hand specialist and see what they say. I'm hoping for a crazy fast recovery time and being allowed some way to work around it in the mean time.

*Xray pics to come once they give them to me.