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    New question here. First aid kit contents

    As an RN I tend to do an overkill with packing it. The 2 bags of 1000ccs of NS had to go...just kidding. My current kit is too bulky and heavy (mostly bulky). Might anyone have any suggestions for a kit. I always carry one but its not been too conducive for trail riding. Appreciate any input of xp.

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    I used to do the same thing (carry too much) and had to put some pretty extensive thought into what I carry. I tried to figure out what type of injuries I'd see on the trail that would require immediate treatment. I came up with a short list:

    1) head/neck Can't really do much but stabilize and call 911.
    1) fractures/dislocations I carry a triangle bandage and a Sam splint.
    2) eye injuries Gauze and tape to cover and immobilize if there is an embedded object (nothing like the old stick in the eye). It is really going to suck if he has to hike out blind because you don't have good cell coverage to call 911.
    3) heat related illnesses Water, water, and water...oh, and water.
    4) arterial bleeds Just have to try all the things you know as an RN to stop bleeding (pressure, elevation, bandaging, pressure point, tourniquet).
    5) anaphylaxis Hopefully the person who has the reaction has an epi pen and you can help them use it. Otherwise, you are stuck calling 911 and rescue breathing when they pass out.

    I also carry zip ties, latex gloves, GPS (to tell EMS where I am) and a cell phone. In reality, there isn't much you can carry to do a whole lot of good. Just for the infamous sucking chest wound (never heard of an MTBer getting a sucking chest wound but there's always a first time) you could use his camel back bladder (he won't be needing it) and some tape.

    For other injuries I'm assuming that the injured person will be able to walk/ride out.

    I'd like to hear your ideas. I'm always up to improve my own kit.
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    I don't have the skills or experience of an RN, but I am a first aid volunteer with St. John Ambulance...I will admit to the same: the first time I packed a kit for the bike I went overboard.

    Now I've got things trimmed a bit more...this isn't a complete list, but it give a general idea of what I carry:

    Gloves (hey, universal precautions apply in the field)
    a small AR barrier device (I sure as heck hope no one has a heart attack on the trail, but just in case)
    4x4 gauze (a pretty good amount) and a large, military style compression dression
    triangulars (for stabalization and improvising, they are gold)
    space blanket, matches, candle (sources of warmth for hypothermia and shock)
    bandaids (various)
    a garbage bag (no littering and can be used for emptybeer's sucking chest wound)
    duct tape wrapped around my tire pump
    cell phone
    and of course what I need for me (inhaler, epipens etc)

    Basically, I'm looking at the stuff I use the most when I'm on duty, the stuff I don't really want to be without and most widely useful stuff.
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    i do K9 Search and Rescue" and my first aid kit works for me as well as my dog.

    super glue, to hold skin together un till you can get it stitched up
    4x4 gause
    anti-biotic cream
    small bright flashlight
    small sharp knife
    toothbrush, handle cut down for cleaming wounds
    poison oak soap
    tape wrap
    duct tape
    latex gloves, incase your friend is bleeding bad
    antihistamin, liquid in my case for the dog(this is good for bee stings and snake bites)
    para cord, 50 ft', to make a splint or strecher to care somebody down the mountain
    pain reliever
    small magniflying glass

    i can fit all this into a 8"x8" bag and the para cord wraps arounds it

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