As a rider who rides for pleasure and to maintain my sanity (the solace and personal time) I thought I would post this as a year is coming up since an arthroscopic knee surgery I pushed for for over a year. In November of last year, I finally got and arthroscopy (sp?) on my left knee that had been giving me repeated issues since a major blowout during a hockey session in Oct 2004...Wow, it has flashed past since then. Turns out, I had a leasion on my patellar cartilage. A few holes were drilled, with a design to clot and repair damaged tissue. Well, all well and good with the right rest. I didn't rest immediately properly due to somewhat high pain tolerance, or stupidity.

Following the surgery, I had a month or so of physio with positive results, and then stretched improperly, causing my knee to explode with swelling...I continued physio for a couple of months, with the knee swelling slowly disipating...I am getting to the feet...Slowly, I developed Plantar Fasciitis on both feet...As you can imagine, I am walking like a complete gimp by this time, three months after a knee scope. To the point where I had to scoot to the crapper on my arse in the middle of the night or morning it was so painful to walk. This condition remained in various levels until about six weeks ago...That said, I also caused an aggravation of achilles tendonitis a month or so following the onset of the PF. Gimp city here we come. Complete challenge to walk without favoring anything.

Long story short, well not really, I soccumbed to medical advice regarding orthotics. Two physios, one chiro, and an MD later, I had to make an executive decision. It was originally suggested not to get Orthotics due to the correction of a symptom, not a problem. While I agree with this, I was a freakin mess by this point and needed to restore some order...It has taken four months since getting custom orthotics to eliminate the PF and I am just starting to get the function of my Achilles back. After all of this, I had XRays done and I have heelspurs (calcium/bone deposits) on both heels (bottom) and my left Calcaneas (Achilles). They may disipate with time or need surgery depending on how they bother me.

Getting to the riding. During all the to above time period, I continued to ride at various levels. Physios and other experts I had consulted with suggested I wouldn't harm myself any further by doing so...Seemed true so to speak, and I had my best season ever with a couple of podiums. Well things have gotten even better. I am walking almost without a limp after a year of hell. And that is an understatement...If you have shared a similar experience with PF and Tendonitis, you know where I am coming from...

With the long winded details above, I would like to recommend if you have a chronic injury to seek muliple opinions. I didn't and would still trust those who initially diagnosed me. However, a long period of physical/emotional stress requires many opinions to resolve.