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    Dont ever skimp on or not use your gear

    Weather finally cleared up yesterday so I went out to get some miles in on the trails. I have ridden this trail well over 500 miles over the years. I guess yesterday was my reminder that no matter what you are never fully in control.

    Was chasing down another rider, came up on a drop that has never given me problems in the past. Had a little more speed than normal this time and when I hit the bottom of the drop I burped the front tire and lost/pushed the front tire.

    The resulting lowside threw me off of the bike and head first into a tree. Memory is still foggy but scars seem to indicate that I was able to get my arm up to shield my head some, still I hit the tree with the right side of my head hard enough to crack my Giro Atmos helmet in two places.

    Another rider checked up on me and I rode back to the truck, called the wife who requested I head to the ER since I was showing signs of a concussion. After sitting for 15 minutes I went home and unloaded my stuff and took a shower while waiting on the wife and headed to the ER. After 2.5 hours after the incident I was finally able to remember most all of the ride other than the 15 minutes directly after I smacked the tree.

    Been riding for 3 years now, first time for a doozy of an uht oh. Just glad I had my helmet on properly as it did its job for sure.

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    Good to hear, I agree never understood the desire to cheap out on any safety equipment, let alone any equipment I use for enjoyment. Glad to hear your all good though.

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    good reminder and fully agree.... hope you have a quick recovery

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    I saw my friend go OTB into the rocks earlier in the year. His helmet was absolute trash after but he was fine.
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    Agreed. Helmets are one of the best thing ever invented for the MTBer, besides the bike. Mine saved me from a hell of a concussion in September. Didn't save my clavicle from exploding in the crash, but hell, I've got two of those, only one head.

    All the best to you in recovery. Hopefully that head clears up.
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