• 02-08-2013
    I have not read every post here. However, my opinion; No they are not excessive. Do I hate how much it costs? yes. But the service they provide is something we take for granted. It is absolutely amazing that someone like Trey Canard can be back on top of a motorcycle AND competing at a pro level for wins. The fact that a doctor was able to go in and use my own muscle to reconstruct my ACL and fix my meniscus root tear is insane. Its a whoooole ton of money, but they deserve it, IMO.

    Also, the first doctor I went to for me knee said an x-ray and exam was enough. Determined that I MIGHT have a meniscus tear but not to worry about it. He said I could get an MRI, but why spend the money if he's pretty sure there is no ACL damage he said. Well, a few months later I got a second opinion since my knee was still unstable during heavy activity. The doctor did an exam and said "full ACL tear" in less than 2 minutes prior to an x-ray or MRI. This doctor was about 15 years younger as well. MRI confirmed full ACL, meniscus tear, and possible meniscus root tear (turned out to be true upon surgery). So its hard to say! In the OP's case, it sounded excessive. In my case, it wasn't excessive enough. No one knows your body like you, do what you feel is necessary. ;)
  • 03-14-2013
    I too have not read all the posts in this thread.

    I am insured through work, and by work I mean the company my dad owns. As a small business owner he constantly complains about how much health insurance costs, and seeing some different bills I agree with him.

    I complain quite a bit when I have to go to my family physician, which is not often unless I can not crawl. The CoPay is not bad, but not having prescription is terrible. Always try to get knock offs. I remember a few years ago paying 400 or 500 some for two things. Same with the dentist, eye doctor, etc.

    If its comes to an extreme case where we land in the hospital, then we do alright. We have a certain deductible, which when you think about it is not that much. Looking at some former bills and seeing the charges as opposed to what I paid is not that crazy. Yes the bills are expensive, but with Inusrance it definitely works. I am thankful I do not have to try and provide my own insurance or pay directly out of pocket.

    Just always try and remember that it could be worse. I do complain going to a physician, but thankfully if, and I have been fortunate enough to have been, we go to the hospital we are fine. Just my two cents
  • 03-25-2013
    Doctor bills - are they too excessive?!
    In Switzerland, I pay 387chf for private healthcare, I am under 40 and in usually good health. Franchise I pay first is 1,500 chf. It works well here. We have to pay 10% of each ailment when hospitalised, enployers pay by law for accident insurance. Everyone has to have health insurance by law. 💉Taking blood can cost upto $150 for a full blood works. I think we are lucky. I never felt confident with the UK system. We do not pay national health tax as a result and tax is very low. There is a short 2 year benefit system in Suisse and it's not cool to be unemployed. You just can't afford to have such a way of life as I found prevalent in the UK. Fortunately there are jobs.

    I have lived in the US too, I never quite understood the system and it was far more expensive for healthcare or so it seemed for a full family. However, I found everything affordable from houses and cars were soo much cheaper than Suisse. The size of the American economy makes it difficult to please all. Reverting to a socialised medical system like the UK is just not possible.

    I feel medicine and it's experts deserve their pay especially in the UK where they are paid less.