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    clavical gg

    so today i went for a ride and i fell onto my shoulder and fractured my clavical spent 6 hrs in the hospital 4 hrs waiting lol gg i just wanted to no or hear from other ppl who have had this type of injury before and what sort of problems etc you encountered what you did for excercise what if any problems with healing etc because i really want to get back on the bike asap and nail that jump lol felt good till i fell
    apparently its a common fracture sed i wud be ok neva broken anything before so im a bit concerned thx

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    Sorry to hear about your injury.

    I've been there...I broke my clavicle many years ago playing football with some friends. I had my arm in a sling for about 6 weeks I think. I couldn't do much in the way of exercise for the first few weeks, mostly because it hurt like hell. After that, I rode a stationary bike when I felt like I needed a workout.

    It healed up fine, and I never had any other problems after the bone fused back together. I just have a strange looking lump on my collarbone, but it is not that noticeable.

    As long as you don't need surgery I would think you'll be fine (of course, I'm no doctor, so take this FWIW.)
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    Broken collar bones(clavicle) are the most common mtb injury. I just recovered from mine, two months ago. Relax, take it are gonna be off the bike for a good 6-8weeks, if you want your clavicle to heal right. I had a friend jump back on his bike after four weeks, wrecked again, and his clavicle never healed properly. In fact, his doctor had to "re-break" his clavicle again, so he can get a metal plate and nine screws surgically inserted. You DO NOT want me!!!

    Buy a stack of DVDs and books and catch-up on that. Get as much sleep as you can- because your body will try very hard to properly join your seperated bones back together again. Bed rest encourages this to happen. Also take calcium pills and vitamin D, so your healed bones can become stronger than before you broke it. After five weeks- take your sling off for several hours a day to work out your stiff arm. This is VERY IMPORTANT. Having "frozen shoulder" as a result of no movement for several weeks, is very painful(if not, MORE than) the clavicle injury itself. If you keep the sling on for too long- it may take up to a full year of therapy to regain full motion again. The bike can always wait. Will you???
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