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    Cervical fusion and TOS, are my cycling days over?

    So I've had neck and back issues forever and for the last 4 or 5 years its been interfering with my ability to rise on a regular basis. Years of phys. Therapy and nothing has helped so I've been sent to a neurosurgeon and told I would need a 4 level cervical fusion.

    I was also told that due to the symptoms I am having I would need to be evaluated for something called thorassic outlet syndrome before they operated on me because IF I have it, another surgical procedure would need to be done and they would need to do both procedures at the same time.

    The neurosurgeon I'm seeing has already banned me from riding at all, and had said I wouldn't be able to ride anymore even after the surgery.

    Has anyone else been through this or know anything about it? I don't think I could deal with not being able to ride anymore.

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    First I must say I have no personal experience with this. My dad had this. He is not very active, but it really helped him. I would really do your homework and get some second/third opinions. There may be options? To say you can never ride again is a bit extreme I think. It will take some time I would think and you may change your riding position.

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