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Thread: Butt pain

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    Butt pain

    I had two crashes on the weekend. First I supermaned off a 12 foot drop but the other less dramatic crash was bailing off and landing heavily on my butt. It's now really painfull to sit down, walk and lie down. The chiro said my pelvis was out and he adjusted it or something but at that time I was so sore all over I didn't know what was sore. Now the pain is subsiding, I'm left with a super sore tail bone. Can anyone whose had a tailbone injury tell me how long it takes to heal. I tried riding my bike today 3 days later and can only manage flat roads, no wheelies or anything or pulling up on the bars. Am I making things worse by continuing to ride?
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    My wife took a couple of weeks to recover from slipping on the sidewalk and falling on her bottom.

    I used to have some problems with my knees... Doctors did not find anything particularly wrong with them but adviced me not to do the things that make them hurt.

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    Search tailbone, there was a thread about a guy who had to have his removed. (ouch).

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