Let me preface this by saying that I am not a morning person. Usually due to lack of time I ride at night but I decided to get up early today and ride. I have quite a few bikes but the most common one that I use is a steel hardtail with slicks and a 48/11t top gear that I actually prefer over my road bike. I've done quite a few longish rides and generally average 17.5 to 18.5ish over them. Today was not a good day
I did only 25 miles and starting around mile 5 I had terrible cramps in my left ass cheek, around 10 miles it was in both and around 15 my knee began to hurt...im thinking maybe cause I was riding differently to compensate. In the end I only held 15mph cause of the pain. Last week on the same bike 17.8 over 45 miles
as soon as I woke up I had my coffee, a protein shake and vitamins and was out the door within half an hour so the earl6 morning thing is all I can think of thats different. The only other slight possibility is that my seat slipped a bit (its happened on occasion)
Any ideas? Thanks in advance