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    Quote Originally Posted by jimPacNW View Post
    I get to post here now too, yay... I had a good crash a week ago (sunday) during a muddy/slick race, I thought I had grip on a side-hill descent but did not, the tires slid out to the left and I landed pretty hard on my right side on a smooth sidehill, but got up and felt good, finished well too. A bit sore and stiff the next day and much better the following day, continued hard mtb workouts on Tues, Wed, and Thurs, -feeling quite good Wed and Thurs. Thurs night, 4 days after the crash, I was getting out of my low-ish car, and something popped and I'm now in fair bit of pain, right side ribs, front ish center and also at the back near my spine. I've sneezed twice and it was excruciating!, coughing or blowing my nose is out of the question. There is movement in my ribs, clicking/shifting if I move certain ways. I got an xray on friday and they couldn't see anything broken, I also used an old-fashioned tuning fork (supposedly at a C128 that will rattle a broken bone and hurt like hell if it is broken, - no pain with the tuning fork), so I think I popped a rib out of the rear socket. I can't wait to see my chiropractor on monday, I have had a dislocated rib 2x before in my life, I have a lot of hope that she can help me. Luckily the next race in the series is in 2 weeks, -hopefully I improve by then. I did an easy ride with my son on friday, lots of rib pain when climbing (same hill I was hammering up just fine earlier in the week, until the 'pop' climbing out of the car).
    The first time I dislocated a rib was 25 years ago while mtb racing, I hit a rock on a downhill, went over the bars and down a bank landing on my back, got a tight knot at the edge of my spine. One visit to the chiropractor I was seeing occasionally at that time and it was instant relief.
    Get well.

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    Somehow it' comforting to read about everyone's pain. I injured my ribs back in November in Moab, otb wreck, I landed chest first on a large rock. I think there was a smaller stone inbetween that and my ribs, or it could have been my hydration valve. Either way it didn't take me long to realize something wasn't right at all. It was another ten miles out of technical terrain back to my truck, and it wasn't much fun, but I went into survival mode and toughed it out.

    I never bothered getting x-rays or anything, so who knows what happened. Otherwise you all know the drill: sneezing, coughing and the wrong moves hurt like hell. Three weeks off the bike until I got in a short ride, and probably six till it was mostly healed. I can still feel it a little bit. I also did something to my hand on that crash, it still hurts if I push it the wrong way. My face hit the ground too, but thankfully not hard enough to do anything but bruise it a bit.

    All because I decided to practice my switch footing at a very bad time. Oh well, live and learn. I'm still a little gunshy this season, but i'm getting close to back at my former confidence level.

    Rib pain sucks! Be careful out there.

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    Blerg...came here this morning to see if it would be too soon to ride 5 days out from a rib bruising I got from go karting...smashed right into a wall going pretty fast, and my rib cage got hit first. Hurt like crazy.

    Makes me feel hopeful that so many are back on your bikes!

    It's definitely on the mend but still commute is about 7 miles each way AND I start training for track cycling on Sunday, so I think I'll hop on the trainer this morning to avoid any bad ideas/give it a test run. Going 5 days bikeless is DRIVING ME CRAZY. Time to get back on...or at least try!

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    Joined the club this weekend as well.

    Soft silty part of a berm, front wheel dug in and over I went landing on my arm which jammed into my right rib cage. Finished the next climb and downhill and the waited for soreness to ensue.

    Been a few days and 2 ibuprofen every 4 hrs or so is keeping things at bay. Can take deep breaths, and was able to the whole time. Can soft cough without too much pain, but first thing in the morning until some drugs kick in....damn I am tender. I think a bunch of muscles are also banged up over there as well.......but I can stretch my arm over my head and generally move around at like 50% speed. I had 2 weeks planned off the bike....but I will spin the trainer instead for a while.

    We shall see. I'm thinking in 3 weeks I will be at 75% if all goes well. I don't do downtime hopefully I don't do something stupid to prolong this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lobolator View Post
    My ribs and the muscles around them are so sore. How long before they start feeling better. I'm looking for the answer that includes riding with the healing time. Unless I really shouldn't be riding(yeah right). I feel ok when I'm riding but at night....ouch where's the ibuprofen.
    I'm here for the same reason but just noticed this post is 10 years old. I can't believe it happened in the most ridiculous circumstances either, on my return from a long ride, just lazily breezing through the park enjoying the weather and then wham front wheel out. Handle bars straight into ribs. I expect everyone's recovery rate will be different and more so if over 50. It's two weeks now and I was straight back on after a few days but my Lat Muscles are hurting just as much if not more than my chest, very frustrating, still back in the saddle and keep going.

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