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    Broken Collar (Clavicle) 6 month update

    Broke my collar bone on the local trail back in May. It's now been more than 6 months since the surgery. I had a plate and 11 screws installed to fix the break. Surgeon said the bone went back together beautifully and has healed nicely. I have been back riding since about 6 weeks after the surgery. Everything is feeling good with the exception of an area of numbness below the incision. I was told that I will get sensation back over time but now that it's been more than 6 months I am starting to wonder.

    I can see and feel the plate through the skin quite distinctly but I am not having any problems other than a slight discomfort from the passenger side seat belt (break was on the right side) when riding as a passenger.

    Anyone else had collarbone surgery and can post their experience with their healing process?

    Do you still have some numbness or tingling below the incision?

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    Broke my clavical bone on my right shoulder as well. I too have a metal plate with 13 screws. I had the surgery in July 2015 and the numbness in my shoulder has gotten better. It doesn't feel tingly or numb but the feeling is kinda dead still but it's much better than before.

    The broken clavical wasn't the big issue for me. I had a stage 6 shoulder injury and pretty much my shoulder was a mess. Tore all of the ligaments and left me with crippled for a few months. I'm now back on the bike as well with tightness after every ride.

    Nerves do take a long time to heal. If after a year later and no change I would think that they will never return. However, I'm no doctor. So keep your head up and stay positive.

    Check out "scar away" strips if you don't like scars. My scar is almost gone after using it for 4 months.

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    I'm a year after my clavicle broke, seems like it never happened.

    14w ago went down on my left shoulder, didn't break anything (or come close) but damn it took a long time for nerves or whatever to heal. I had pain in certain movements 8-12 weeks later I think.

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    I broke my right Clavicle on New Years Eve 2012 in six places. It was plated, and screwed with a four to five inch incision. The area around the incision is still numb, almost three years later. Other than that and some small issues with mobility, it is 100%. I broke my arm real bad as a kid and I lost feeling in the top of my hand that took a few years to come back. I was a little concerned about that, but a tender/numb collar bone is nothing I stress over.

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    I had the same surgery 13 months ago. I'm still numb below the incision around key PC, but its not as bothersome as it was 6 months ago. The seatbelts and camelback don't bother me as much as they used to either. Keep will improve slowly over time.

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