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    It was bound to happen, first real injury (wrist)

    Was riding in Borderland and fell off a couple foot rock ledge, landed on my wrist. It swelled up and bruised, along with alot of pain, so I went to get X-rays at an orthopedic doctor. He said it was most likely a fracture of the Scaphiod bone, along the fractures can take some time to show up on the X-rays. I have a cast on it now, and am going back on friday for follow up scans.

    Best case is just a bad sprain, and i'll have no cast but have to take it easy for a few weeks. Worst case is 12weeks-6 months in cast, or a screw to hold the bone together.

    All this happens but a few days after my first race, when I was really looking foward to the last race at Nemba fest, bummer. Guess I'll just have to hit the gym instead of the trails for awhile.

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    Man, just take care of it and you'll be back on the trails in no time. Heal fast and good luck!

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