About 3 weeks ago I noticed a tenderness on the pad of my hand below where the pinky finger starts. I didn't notice it again until 10 days ago after a ride.

It was quite tender and upon probing it with my other hand noticed what seemed like a small bone spur right where it was hurting. Ever since it has gotten more and more sensitive, likely due to riding aggravating it further. Although it is in a spot on my hand where it is not under extreme weight load while hands are on bars, it still gets a lot of wear and tear on a ride. I find myself constantly thinking about it and trying to prevent excessive pressure on that area while riding.

I have been quite worried about this thing because it seems to be only getting bigger. I don't want to just stop riding for a few months to see if it will go away. I just bought a brand new bike 2 weeks ago and want to ride more if anything.

Is this a common ailment with mountain bikers? Will it go away eventually untreated? I'm really fearing having to have surgery if this thing takes root as I fear it may be doing.