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    IT band soreness, how common is it amonst cyclists

    I recently have had hip clicking and IT band soreness... I bought the foam roller and I have been stretching ... my dr says its due to riding too much.

    in the mean time I have lost 18 lbs in 1.5 months... 213 to 195 (as of this morning).... I think maybe I should chill for a bit...

    how common is IT band issues for mountain bikers ?

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    I can't really answer your question, but when I transitioned from being a runner to a cyclist, my IT bands got really tight. I don't understand the physiology of it, but it hurts. I believe, at the time my physiotherapist said it was common in cyclists...
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    I don't have statistics for you either, but I've had trouble with my IT bands. It can lead to a very annoying knee injury, so listen to your doc.

    There are a couple things that can really make it worse. Pushing too high a gear, bad bike fit, and too much of an increase in riding volume all at once. So look into those.
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    I had IT band problems when I would do long rides (30 miles or more on a mountain bike) with lots of elevation gain (2800' +). I am no longer riding as much, and have started running more, so I can't comment on what will make them go away. However, I thought riding more would have made my IT bands stronger. Maybe you are over doing it, and need to let your legs rest in-between long rides..?

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    I had very sore IT bands up where they tie into my pelvis. I moved the saddles on all of my bikes @ .5" forward and now, no pain whatsoever. So, fit/cockpit set up is critical for longer rides.

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    I got some IT band soreness this spring when training for a half marathon. I did a lot of rest and stretching and barely managed to make it through the half alive. Had to visit the med tent for ice. Took it easy for quite some time afterwards. Only very light riding. Haven't run since.

    After awhile, things were feeling good and I ramped up my riding. Probably too fast, because the old IT band/knee issues flared up again. This time I stopped as soon as it became an issue and loaded up on joint supplements in addition to the stretching. About a month ago, I started to ramp up my riding again and I haven't had so much as a twinge since. My goal is to get a 50mi ride in this year. My first chance (the Brown County Breakdown) was a bust and I only got about 18mi due to bad weather/trail conditions. No knee issues, thankfully. At least I have some time to meet my goal still.

    And as to the commonality of issues, I've honestly heard of a LOT more IT band issues among runners.

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    I've got to agree with NateHawk as far as the IT band issues and runners, my wife and i are both runners, her training for her first half marathon resulted in IT band issues in both legs, I've had occassional flare ups with increased mileage as well, the foam roller sucks, but it works miracles for IT bands. Now here's the interesting part, we both see a sports chiro, her speciality is working with triathletes, she actually suggested my wife start to ride to help with her IT band issues, my wife reports it has helped her tremendously, although my wife is content to stick to the rails to trails in our area, no mountain biking. For my part, I look forward to a long ride the day after a long run to help loosen up my legs, maybe it's just the cross training part, but it does wonders for me.

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    I definitely have soreness but not hip clicking. But I may be prone to muscle tension issue in general; I don't ride nearly as many miles as some people....

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