Well, add another lesson learned.

Invest in good shoes. Don't be a cheapwad like me and ride with 6 year old Nike tennis shoes that have worn so bad there is no tread left on the bottom.

Having ridden in Missouri for many, many years wasn't really a big deal but having moved to northern Utah a month and a half ago where there isn't hills, there is mountains and pretty much all the singletrack is in the mountains the amount and intensity of climbing is exponentially greater.

Hence, a huge increase in the strain on the feet when trying to Rambo up 2 - 7 miles of steady climbs...on 6 year old Nike tennis shoes with no tread on the bottom. A few rides like those and a few 10+ mile local rides through town trying to see how fast can climb up the hills and then my right ankle started getting painful.

After a week of ankle pain, decided it was time to visit the doc and official diagnosis was achilles tendonities - a condition normally associated with runners. Well, off the bike for long rides for now but the doc said could ride just have to stay away from huge climbs and long distances - start easy and small and build back up.... and his words were and I will paraphase, "Get yourself some flipping cycling shoes".

So I went to the bike shop and plunked $128 for some Shimano mountain biking shoes - clipless ready. The solid firm sole they say should help avoid some of the fallacies caused by riding with 6 year old Nike tennis shoes with no tread left on the bottom. Will see how they do. I definitely don't want this condition again.