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    AC joint creaking

    I suffered a grade 1 shoulder seperation in November of last year. It has been healing nicely and I only have a little discomfort when I sleep. The weird thing is that I am now able to work out again and every time I do a pushup I hear and feel this nasty creaking sound coming from my shoulder. What is causing the sound? Is it bone on bone, or is it tendons or what? Have any of you guys had the same thing happen?

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    welcome to the club....these days i almost feel worse when i can't hear the creaking

    i doubt it's any problem, if you're worried check with the doc but my shoulder (and knee) creaks pretty bad several years after surgery.
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    It's the sign of giving your 110%

    Grade 4 FEB 2007. You can hear mine across the room. Stay away from heavy adduction, like chest fly, or flat bench . Concetrate on shoulder girdle strenthening. Rotator cuff exercises, upright rows, shoulder shrugs, dips, tricep and bicep work. Use dumbells when able.

    Ortho guy said he could shave the end of my clavical to reduce the noise. However, I can stand the noise. Not an option with yours being grade1 as you still have some integrity in ligaments.

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