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    45 seconds into ride, won't ride again for 6-8 months

    Just got a GoPro and was thrilled about making my second video. I was 45 seconds into it and just past the dropoff I've done many times before, some little punk ass sapling, barely seeable in the video, snagged my right bar. Going way too fast to recover, I went down and shattered my collar bone.

    I just went home from the emergency room with a sling. I had surgery a week later to do the repair. I start physical therapy in a week. But the most painful part is that I can't ride singletrack again for 6-8 months. I'm gonna make it closer to the 6. In the meantime, I have to finish my hybrid build which I can start riding in about 2 months and getting my physical conditioning up to hit the trails that much harder...with the bike, not my body...when I get back out there.

    The Crash:

    The Break:

    45 seconds into ride, won't ride again for 6-8 months-fracture-blurred.jpg

    The Repair:

    45 seconds into ride, won't ride again for 6-8 months-10693759_829366903781252_1674288748_n.jpg

    They told me at work no more MTB for me. HA!

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    45 seconds into ride, won't ride again for 6-8 months

    Looks like a doozy. Heal up soon.

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    Damn. Nice break.

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