im looking at getting the slx crankset and bb to replace my truvativ cranks on my monocog 29er. i see that the truvativ cranks that come with the bike are at a 50mm chainline and the shimanos are 46.8...
so that means the slxs are going to be closer to the frame than the truvativs right? if so is that going to create issues for me when i install a 42t chainring on the outside of the crank arm?
honestly since i found these measurements it sort of put my mind at ease as I didnt want to have a really bad chainline. since the slx is closer to the frame then mounting a chainring on the outside should put the chainline pretty close to being in line with the rear cog. i think it will be much better than my current setup where my chainline is off just a bit.
what you guys think about this? also since the double setup with the slx cranks is measured between the granny gear and the outer ring mounting on the outside should be pretty close dont you think?