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    Tire Woes, Monocog 29er

    Want to throw some new ones on for fall, I just can't seem to track down reliable information. There is a lot out there, but none very consistent. I have narrowed down a few choices, but I am very open to suggestions.

    I am moving away from nevegals because I want to try something different. I was looking at the following tires and I want to know how true to size they are, what sizes to consider, and and other factors to look out for when shopping.

    -Continental trail kings, Black chili
    -Nobby Nics
    -WTB weirwolf

    The terrain I ride is medium to very loose, some packed gravely soil, and occasional hardpack.

    I want a tire that will perform similiarly to the old nevegal's but offer something different.

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    I like the Panaracer Rampage. I'm using the Nevegal now but when the wear out I will be getting the Rampages again.

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