• 09-21-2012
    Salsa Enabler Fork on a Mono-Cog?
    Fork Offset ConcernÖ. I have Redline MonoCog 29er and was thinking about putting a Fat Tire on the front using a Salsa Enabler fork , my only concern is the Redline and Salsa forks have different offsets and Iím not sure how itís going to affect the handling. The Redline fork measures 465mm axle to crown with a 39mm offset, the Salsa Enabler is 468mm axle to crown with a 45mm rake. Any input will be greatly appreciated
  • 10-02-2012
    go for it...

    I put a salsa enable fork with a 80mm rim and big fat larry on my sawyer (trek g2 geo)... it's great...

    the axle/crown length is negligible... although the fat front tire will be ever so slightly shorter vs the 29er... so in theory it'll quicken your steering up slightly... but there will be more difference from the weight of the front wheel/tire combo then the trail diferences IMHO

    i found the fat tire great on the trails I ride... I did find out quickly that 2 extra psi makes a HUGE difference.. riding it with 12psi was miserable on the trail... bouncy and rough... at 10psi things smoothed out hugely (and thats the reason I wanted to try it)
  • 12-23-2012
    I've got my cog set-up this way, with a Trail tech 45mm and a Nate, super grippy but a little hard to tune the air pressure.

    It's good fun. I just can't chase my mates on their fully's.