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Thread: My new Redline

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    My new Redline

    I'm so impulsive it scares me. I've been wanting a 29er ever since I found this forum. I have a perfectly sufficient Haro $300 mountain bike that serves it purpose just fine. I go shopping to buy my GF a pillow (don't ask) and drive past a local bike shop. I say to my buddy "what the hell, lets stop and take a look".

    I ask the nice guy a the counter that I'm looking for a rigid 29er, 8 speed preferably.

    He walks me around to the only REDLINE D440 in the store.

    Wait, it gets better!

    It is the 2010 model and %25 off.

    Not sure why I even test rode it, I was buying it regardless.

    $480+ tax.

    It is such a solid feeling bike. It just mows over bumps and coast forever. So dam excited. The color is awesome and I really dig the metallic pin striping.

    OLD and NEW

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    Looks good! And a good price too. Enjoy the new ride! I've been enjoying the heck out of my new monocog 29er.

    Btw I hope for your sake, you didn't forget the GFs pillow..

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    looks nice but it looks like it needs more tire

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    That can't be the stock tire that came on that bike?? It looks like a cross-tire.
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    i love it

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    Quote Originally Posted by EstebanRapido View Post
    looks nice but it looks like it needs more tire
    and cowbell.

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