Here is my Monocog build. I bought it off of CL and it was Beat To Shxt. Hence, my BTS build.

BTS 1.0 Date of purchase - Trashed!
Monocog - BTS Build-img_2755.jpg

BTS 1.1
Adding used - Seat, 2.1 Tires, Stem, Pedals, Headset parts, Grips
Monocog - BTS Build-img_2773.jpg

BTS 1.2
Bar, Chain, BB, BB7 Disc
Monocog - BTS Build-img_2788.jpg

BTS 1.3
Wheetset, Cranks
Monocog - BTS Build-img_2790.jpg

BTS 2.0
Hydro Disc
Monocog - BTS Build-img_2802.jpg

Done for now.