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    Hooked like a catfish in the river

    I can't really afford a Monocog nor am I sure I'm gonna like a rigid SS. However, for some reason I'm getting sucked into this bike like a tractor beam. Ive been lurking the internet high and low looking for 1 bad review but have come up short. Incredible.
    I currently have a hardtail scandium 29er that a has a serious xc race style geo and a flat bar roadbike, Im thinking the monoC will complement the rest of my lineup real nice.

    I plan on ordering one in right away but before I take the plunge, I have a few un answered ?'s.

    1- I plan to punish this bike as if it were a fully insured rental car, kosher?

    2- a. Which fat tire models fit comfortably in the rear?
    b. Can somebody please post a pic of what the chainstay clearance looks like with a nevegal or rampage or whatever you got that's fat, it would be so helpfull!

    3- Is the steel butted....and what does that even mean?

    4-Will I regret not getting the flights nicer steel?

    This will be a 4 season bike thats all about simplicity, durability and primitive fun.....and its cheap like me!
    I think this bike to the trained eye makes more sense to own, then to not.

    Thanks all!

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    1: Ride it like you stole it. Thats how I ride my Monocog and have only broken a chain.

    2: Everything fits. I'm pretty sure anyway. Someone will give you the definite.


    4:You will not regret getting the Monocog. I didn't.
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    3. not butted, straight gauge 4130. Butted tubing is thicker near the ends, straight gauge is the same thickness throughout the entire tube

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    I'm on the fence about what to get myself...09 Monocog, 09 D440, 09 Flight complete bikes or a 08 Flight frame and build it up to my liking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bounty Hunter
    I'm on the fence about what to get myself...09 Monocog, 09 D440, 09 Flight complete bikes or a 08 Flight frame and build it up to my liking.

    I would go with the frame and build to your liking,,, however it can get expensive as you are drawn to the best products worthy of your hard earned money...

    Butting is a way to produce a thiner and less weight tube, the ends retain thickness to keep similar strength... Straight gage tubing is what it sounds like..

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    1) You can punish this tank. I win head-on collisions with SUVs with this thing. It is bullet proof too, so wear your Superman shirt while riding it.

    2) It comes with 2.3 Exiwolfs, so just about any tire should fit.

    3) redwarrior answered.

    4) Maybe. Everyone tends to want to always upgrade.

    I love mine. I have a Bandersnatch, too, and tend to have much more fun on the Cog. - See my 2x10 to 1x10 conversion (lots of pics!)

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    I was originally looking for the Monocog, but they were out of '09. But they had '09 Flights in stock. I knew I wanted to swap out to BB5s or BB7s immediately because of our wet riding conditions. So the Flight came in $100 more than if I bought the 'Cog and upgraded brakes.

    1. The bike is pretty tough. There seems to be a little movement somewhere near the front hub maybe? Or is it the headset. I was told this may be normal and I should just keep tabs on the headset. Whatever, other than an occasional popping sound from the front, rides fine.

    2. My Flight came with Maxxis Ignitor 2.1 Not quite a FAT tire, but higher volume than I have on any other bike. There is still some room for a wider tire.

    3. Butted mean thicker on the ends and narrower in the middle to put more strength where its needed most and reduce some weight. The Flight has it. The regular 'Cog is NOT butted.

    4. This is a pretty philisophical and economical question. If you truly do not have the means, maybe used is not a bad way to go. But I wanted new and I wanted the ability to upgrade.

    The Flight comes with some nice bits over the 'Cog ('09 models anyway) such as: Ritchey stem and seatpost vs Redline, FSA isis cranks, WTB laserdisc rims and BB5 disc brakes. In addition to the butted frame, the geometry is slightly different. It is a little more XC for quicker handling. And is a little bit lighter. My 15" framed bike came in at 26.3# with SPD pedals.

    It also has sliding drop outs to run a derailuer adapter. It has cable guides to run front/rear derailuers.

    So far, I have done zero upgrades save a 20T rear cog and have logged on about 30hrs. I have adjusted the brakes, the chain tension and cleaned and lubed in terms of maintenance. Oh, my rear wheel was slightly out of true so I had the LBS give it a little tweak. But other than that she's a timex watch.
    Just get out and ride!

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