• 01-30-2013
    Edit* Possible to make a monocog a 3x9?
    Has anyone tried setting up their monocogs as a 2x or 3x?
  • 01-31-2013
    Or Rear for that matter?

    I saw a thread where people were talking about using the dmr chain tug but would you be able to fit a wheel in there with a freehub body for a 9sp cassette?

    I essentially would like to convert it to a 3x9

  • 02-08-2013
    Yes it's possible.
  • 02-09-2013
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    08 Redline Monocog 29er SSer convert.

    I bought a chain tug with a derailleur mount from my local bike shop Cedar Bike. I think it was from "Quality supply", but lots of these exist and I'm sure you could find one on the internet.

    It is easy if you are familiar with working on your bike in depth a bit!

    Added a 9 speed rear wheel and cassette, rear derailleur, full length cables, just zip tie to the frame. Same for front derailleur. Grip shifters, 2x9 crank. longer chain. Hardest thing was getting the front derailleur adjusted. I don't know if you can get enough reach for 3x9, but then again you might go to a shorter bottom bracket.

    Only minor problem is when removing the rear wheel to change a flat a bit more time has to be used to realign the chaintug, but after a few flats you get used to the program...LOL

    On the plus side full length cables don't get dirty inside and last a long time as far as great shifting goes.

    It is going to cost you a bit, unless you get deals or used parts as it requires a lot of parts. I had these parts from another bike that I broke the frame on. This bike is back to an SSer now, they sent me a new frame and I restored the pats back to that frame. So consider that in you quest, as you might want to buy a Redline Flight used bike that already has gears.

    Works great!
    Hope this helps ya!:thumbsup: