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    120mm fork on a Monocog 29er?

    Anyone do it? Call me a wuss, but my hands can't take the beating over the rooty trails I ride with the rigid fork, so I'm looking for a used or cheap new squish fork. I already picked up a used carbon fork (Bontrager) and it's better than the stock steel, but not enough. I've seen some good deals on 120 forks- wondering if the bike will be too chopper-esque? I probably should have started with a different bike, but I like the 'Cog and have already started down the slippery path of mods- BB7's, carbon bar, just ordered a Thudbuster LT...

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    I think the frame is 80mm. I'm using a 100mm on my flight, I wouldn't dare go longer than that on it. Not sure about the non-flight.

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    I ran a 100mm Reba on my MC29. It raised the front end a bit, but I flipped the stem down and it rode like a champ. I also like a slacker HT angle, though. I would imagine that a 120mm fork would chopper it out too much and would probably also stress the HT too much.

    Try a 100mm fork. You'll probably like it.

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