• 11-12-2012
    07' Redline Monocog Tire Clearance
    I'm converting my monocog commuter into a winter trail bike and wondering what the biggest tire size that will fit is. I have the stock Exiwolf 29x2.3 tires but want to put something a bit bigger if it will fit. Can you rig the stock wheels to accept tubeless? I'll be running rigid with 32x20 for the first time. Any feedback is much appreciated, thanks.
  • 11-12-2012

    I have the same bike I can run a Wierwolf 2.55 on the rear. WTB 2.55 is really more of a 2.3 but it fit, not much more!

    You can rig almost anything to go tubeless.

    Rigid is great as long as your not bombing down rock infested hills.

    I don't know your riding style, terrain or anything about you but 32/20 is usually good for most.

    Good Luck
  • 11-14-2012
    I was able to squeeze a 2.4 Purgatory mounted on the stock Alex rim in the back of my 08 Monocog but it would rub around corners. Plenty of room up front though.
  • 11-15-2012
    Put Tektro Augira hydraulic disc's on and there is a ton of room. Are you guys running those size tires on the stock Alex rims? I'm nervous running big tires on such a small looking rim. Also running 32x20, going to give it its first try in the morning weather pending.

    Would a cheap upgrade be to buy new rims and use them with the existing hubs? Is there any issue doing that with spoke count etc.? Ive read the Stans Flows are considered pretty good rims. Would feel more comfortable running tubeless on a bigger rim just trying to find the least expensive way to make it happen.
  • 11-19-2012
    I ran the 2.4 Purgatory Control tubeless on my stock Alex DH19 rims (used a Bontrager strip and valve). Zero issues with that setup. The bead was rock solid and I ran it pretty low at times.

    Ran this for a while until I saved up the cash for a new wheelset build. :thumbsup: