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    So seriously, since nine of the 911 hijackers came from Saudi how was it again that the Afgans and Iraqi's were going to come take our freedom away?
    Did Saddam have an Invasion Plan? Was him and his rusted poorly equipped military going to somehow float across?
    Where the Afghanistan people who were so poor the vast majority have never even seen a helicopter pre invasion somehow going to, uhm, do what exactly?
    Seriously I would love to hear how they were/are going to come take away our Supposed freedoms.

    And while your at it explain to me how your doing such a good job we now need to be seen naked before we get on a plane, after nearly a decade, shouldnt it be the other way around?
    Since your defeating satans troops in other countries, how come we have TSA check points popping up on our highways?

    And to the brave soul who left me negative rep calling me a Bigot, please explain what exactly makes me a Bigot?

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    Wake up, do it over again the next day. Pay a crap load in taxes, business debt and insurance. Don't get paid on cases until two months after writing them. Sometimes, never get paid, or when a client cancels, I actually have to pay all my commission and expenses back.

    Living the American dream!

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