I know there are others who have done this and posted on the net. I was too lazy to sit down and write all these out, but have been thinking of thse pretty much since she was introduced. Here they are, in no particular order:

1.) Sarah Palin singlehandedly expelled every last wandering moose from the town of Wasilla during her tenure as mayor.
2.) As governor, Sarah Palin was responsible for bringing cable television to Alaska just so its residents could watch Deadliest Catch.
3.) Sarah Palin made husband Todd carry all 5 of their children.
4.) Sarah Palin can stop multi-million dollar projects without even doing anything.
5.) Everybody knows that Sarah Palin actually invented the Blackberry.
6.) Sarah Palinís youngest is normal, everybody else has Up-syndrome
7.) Sarah Palin is the reason Alaska is the only state hostile to Santa Claus flying in their airspace. Instead, all gifts are delivered via the Ice Road Truckers from neighboring Canada.
8.) Sarah Palinís tanning bed has caused 99% of all arctic glacial melt.
9.) The Exxon Valdez occurred due to Palinís disdain for baby seals.
10.) Since Sarah Palin became governor, the Aurora Borealis has occurred on a regular, once a month schedule.