• 11-16-2012
    Is the internet and technology killing jobs?
    Although I'm a moderate Republican, the guy next to me in his cubicle is a
    loud mouth conservative right winger who likes to blame Obama for everything
    including the 8-9% unemployment "norm" which the GOP spewed throughout
    the campaign but really are you serious?......I think its tech and the internet's doing.

    Just read an LA Times article about the LA based Variety is cutting jobs
    (probably due to lack of circulation) and many other media operations are cutting
    back as well. Can you say, I can read that online than buy the magazine or

    An intern at work just told me she turned down two jobs. (recently graduated
    from college, Paul Ryan and YES! there are jobs out there. Your 50% of
    college grads can't find jobs rhetoric is just BS)

    Anyways she has all these student loans and frankly the two reporter jobs, one in
    Augusta Georgia and the offer in South Bend Indiana were both paying----
    $10 an hour!

    Also because of technology, both jobs require her to drive the
    tv station's van to the assignment, write, interview, use the camera (one weighs she said 70lbs) video edit the story on a laptop, FTP the video as you sit in the Starbucks
    parking lot or set up the LIVE Satellite backpack which weighs 100 lbs, set up the
    camera and tripod, and do your LIVE shot all yourself.

    Both jobs want you to sign a 2-1/2 year contract. That means for 2 years you will
    be on salary making $10 an hour, less actually because sometimes you have to
    do a 12-14 hour day and thanks to anti-unionists, there's nothing you can do.

    Basically that used to be a 2-3 person job, but because of technology, it is now
    a one-man job. The real insult is that tv stations and such are saving $$$$ by
    doing this but regardless pays crap. Again technology. Not bad but the people
    who run businesses can't just save money that have to make more money, thus
    in my opinion that's why our economy sucks.

    There aren't many independent book stores anymore. Hell even the big chains are closing. What happened to that record/cd/video store on Main Street? Your LBS can't compete with Price Point or Jenson USA, so service is the last outpost in the brick
    and mortar world. If our laptops, cell phones and other gizmos could cook, they'd put
    restaurants out of business.

    In closing, enjoy your Kindle, iphone, laptop, doing taxes with Turbo Tax, watching a robotic arm assembling almost everything at a Chinese factory, buying online,
    watching videos for free, learning things via internet with instructional videos, your chinese made carbon fiber bike, serving
    traffic school online, putting a hot spot/ cell phone ipad on a chair at your school auditorium so you don't have to attend any of your kid's plays or events, and a ton of
    other things like that. But remember, a lot of jobs were lost because of that, so there's
    no one to blame but the future. :)
  • 11-16-2012

    i am a web dude.

    this first post has a lot of politician's names....i fear the worst

    unless those golf hooligans stumble in here...the it will go sideways...
  • 11-16-2012
    car bone
    as fgar as eye no the the intarwebz is creating jobs but some **** moves overseas (the not really neewded here ****). am i rightr?
  • 11-16-2012
    car bone
    off coors i am!
  • 11-16-2012

    Originally Posted by CHUM View Post

    i am a web dude.

    this first post has a lot of politician's names....i fear the worst

    unless those golf hooligans stumble in here...the it will go sideways...

    at work we have a web dude....ONE...he updates 6 Headline News programs,
    works in a cubicle by himself. He used to have 5 others in his dept but they whittled
    it down to just him. His pay must not be that great either because he told me
    moonlights at DC Comics before he gets here. BTW--are you being paid well :)