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    Folsom State Parks Closing All Free Parking To the American River Park Way

    My name if Bill Rose and I'm brand new to your group. I joined looking for help in stopping California States Parks from closing anymore free parking locations along the American River Park Way If you feel the need to weigh in on this issue follow this url link to an online petition and VOTE!

    If you think this is worth while please send this link to your email contact list. Ted Jackson's email address is

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    Twin Rocks / Boulder CLosure

    Dear Mr. Rose,
    Please let me explain a bit further about why closing this entrance to parking is so important to the "thirty people" who have been complaining about it for years.
    First, there has been a SIGNIFICANT increase in traffic. You state that there could only be 30 or so cars parked at one time. Sadly, that is not a true statement. I, personally have counted more than 50, on my way home from walking my dogs. I have also counted more than 120 cars in any given weekend day, as well as, more than 50 cars on any given week day. Over the last five years the traffic has increased 100 times over on the weekends. My children have been run off the road with speeders "trying to get the last" spot in "the lot".
    I personally have picked up broken beer bottles, used condoms, numerous plastic wrappings and many other items thrown on the ground.
    I have had to listen to fowl language in the early evenings when trying to play with my children in our pool or BBQing with friends.
    Most riders, horse people, runners and hikers are very nice, true...but, sadly there are too many others that have little respect for our neighborhood and the trails. The old addage that one bad apple ruins the bunch is very true in this case. One bad apple should not have to be tolerated by the good people in our neighborhood, especially when children are involved.
    My husband and I paid quite a bit for our home based on the fact that our children could grow up riding and playing on these these trails that are so close and were safe to access. They are no longer safe at all times of the day. As well as the fact that the neighborhood was so quiet and peaceful. It is no longer that either.
    I suggest that if you or anyone else would like "free" access then "walk or ride" in like we and the people in our neighborhood do. Or, pay to park, like we do when we go to the lake with our cars.
    This NOT just about tax payer dollars. I have spoken to many in our neighborhood that would gladly donate to "our cause" of closing this entrance to PARKING. Can you say the same? Would you donate your money weekly to have the trash hauled away, to keep this entrance maintained and to make sure that Twin Rocks road is maintained?
    If so, then I am sure we would gladly meet you in an open forum to discuss this issue further. As it stands, no one but the people in our neighborhood have proposed anything like paid parking.
    I do understand that using this entrance is a privilege and not a rite. We are not opposed to keeping the entrance open, we just don't want it open to parking.
    I invite you to meet with me anytime to discuss further.
    Best regards,

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    Thank you for taking the time to add your point of view

    Let me start by letting you know that I appreciate your post. I share most of the same concerns about both of our communities and hope that we can find some middle ground.

    As you know I was at Twin Rocks for a good part of both Saturday and Sunday during the MTB race that was being held at Granite Bay parking lot. The whole area, inside the Park and outside at Twin Rocks was loaded with people, cars and bike riders. I took pictures of the parked vehicles at our corner and counted the vehicle load several times, even adding spaces where cars could have parked. During the hours that I was there the max number reached 28 vehicles with 4 more potential spots.

    Also while I was there a CHP officer responded to the location because of a local complaint of a vehicle blocking the emergency gate. That officer wrote a ticket for that car owner. I ask him if there were any other parking problems with the other cars at the location. His reply was "no it seems to look reasonable."

    I have comment on most of your post but not enough time tonight to address all of it. I will say that I enjoyed meeting your husband on Saturday and Support both of your concerns for your neighborhood, your children and our community.

    I would like to relate a short story about my home and the issues that my family has faced on several occasions. I live very near Franklin School and likely you travel the street that boarders my property as you head West to I-80. On that street a young child was struck by a vehicle as he crossed Wells avenue attempting to walk to school even though he was in a cross walk and being attended by his older sister. He was hospitalized but thankfully recovered. Well to make a long story short. His parents started a successful effort to "fix the problem". In short order the pathway that all of my children and the other 25 families on our street used to walk to school was shut down by the private property owner for fear of liability. Mind you, 6 months went by with no path and no cross walk and no kids walking to school. Placer county shows up with heavy equipment and cuts about 2.5 feet of elevation out of one of the hills that affected visibility to the approach to the cross walk and pathway that had long since been removed. Nearly 150,000.00 dollars were spend after the accident and after the cross walk was gone.

    The real irony to this story is that since the construction to "improve" the safety of Wells Ave and all the tax dollars spent the vehicular speeds have gone up. Not only was the Placer County a little late they forgot to tell my dog about the safer road. Sadie was hit and mortally wounded in front of my wife. As she went to help our dying dog she was bitten on her hand bad enough to require an ER visit that night. The new improved road cost me a very good friend, $1,500.00 and the tax payers 150K.

    I'll bet you that at some time or other you have driven down my safe road at speeds exceeding any thing ever seen in your subdivision. Much to fast to notice the garbage that is tossed out the windows of cars driven by folks that care about little to nothing about anyone's community. They are likely the same folks that can make a mess out of just about anything good.

    I'm trying to say that we have a lot in common and that if we can bring these issues, that we all face, out in the open there may be a middle ground and a solution that we can literally live with.

    I look forward to meeting you and will speak on behalf of the serious issues that your family is experiencing if I am given a chance. If not, I will at least tell all the people that I meet at Twin Rock to be respectful of your immediate area.

    your neighbor
    Bill Rose

    More to follow:

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    Please read this letter to The Director of California State Parks

    Consider sending her your input on this issue before we loose one of the few remaining areas that we have used for 30 years.

    Mrs. Colman,

    I am writing you to grieve a decision made by Mr. Ted Jackson of the Gold District to spend $20,000 of our tax money to build a parking barrier at the corner of Twin Rocks and Boulder Road in the Granite Bay area.

    Ted Jackson's decision to spend this money was made simply to appease a neighborhood HOA. I had a conversation with Mr. Jackson several weeks ago regarding this issue and asked him to make his decision to close the long established use of free parking at this site public. I further requested that he give the "opposition" to this plan a chance to attend an advertised and public meeting to explore a more equitable and economical solution to his current barricade plan.

    He responded by stating that he had no intention of holding a public meeting. Because of his response, I am collecting the signatures of Tax Paying Citizens that are demanding the issue of parking at Twin Rocks be handled in an open and transparent manor. Mr. Jackson has chosen to pursue a one sided and expensive solution to this community problem, taking into account only one group's special interest.

    A great deal of the complaints brought to Mr. Jackson by the "Lake View Hills" HOA, have been exaggerated. In fact, some of those very same Home Owners add to the parking and driving problems that they themselves have presented to Mr. Jackson in the form of complaints.

    There have been recent articles published in the Press Tribune regarding the damage caused in Folsom State Park, in particular, an area known as the "Hoffman Property". According to the article, this damage has been blamed on the mountain bike community, a group that happens to use this free parking area. This article is misleading; in fact, most, if not all of the purposeful and illegal trail building and damage on park property was done by the youth that live in the aforementioned HOA.

    Aside from those addressed herein, there are several other issues regarding the parking area that deserve mention. A Chief Officer with the South Placer Fire District has expressed concern with the lack of access to a gated secondary emergency access. At times, this emergency gate is inaccessible due to visitors cars parked in front of the emergency access. The vehicular path of travel from the Twin Rocks approach to this gate is not oriented well to allow emergency vehicles easy access to this gate. The emergency vehicle approach and the gate issue can easily and inexpensively be solved. I have spoken with this South Placer Fire District Chief Officer regarding this issue and am willing to work through the proper channels with him, at my own expense, to help solve the emergency vehicle access problem. That would leave your agency with a small expense to create a guarded alleyway from Twin Rocks to the reconfigured gate.

    Solving this single issue correctly and economically will relieve the CHP and County Sheriff from constant complaints and responses triggered by members of the HOA, all the while permanently securing access to the emergency gate and preserving the limited amount of existing parking.

    I am also willing to present a formal plan to help reduce traffic and other problems that affect those of us that live in and around the Twin Rocks area. I like the neighbors that live on Twin Rocks and am concerned about safe speeds on all of our county roads. The safety of their children and pets from speeding cars should be important to all citizens. Having spent a great deal of time at this location over the past 27 years and nearly nonstop over this past week while collecting signatures, I began to see that at least half of all speeding vehicles on Twin Rocks Road and Boulder Road were from folks that live in that very same HOA or those that have reason to visit the area exclusive of parking at the aforementioned corner.

    There is clearly an opposing side to Mr. Jackson's decision to build a parking barrier at the corner of Twin Rocks and Boulder Road and the signatures I am collecting via petition on the issue will illustrate that. I, along with others who have signed my petition, am willing to assist in finding a fair and reasonable solution to these problems. With open minds, combined with a willingness to cooperate and compromise, we can conserve our State's dwindling financial resources and find equitable and economical solutions to the issues associated with Twin Rocks.


    Bill Rose
    (916) 765-0586

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