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    Was curious as to how many MTB folks here are atheist?

    [note to mods] (This isnt a religious discussion - we don't belive, so essentially, we arent taking about religion or belief in anything religious, please watch video). For the most part, most of us hold what is called the "default position", in other words, we were born this way. Simple as that.

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    I'm an atheist.
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    I'm not, but whatever floats your boat.
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    I'm an atheist too. But if a god/gods came flying down out of the sky today to tell me that he/she/they do exist then I'm sure my beliefs would change.

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    +1....and IBTB

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    You should know better This is a religion thread, even with your "no it's not" disclaimer. People who are religious will jump in here, and next thing you know you have a flame fest. IBTL.

    Quote Originally Posted by gregg View Post
    Thanks for all the input and name suggestions.

    Here it is. Please do post OT thread in Passion or General any more.

    Threads with political or religious themes are not allowed. But pretty much anything else (within our forum guidelines) is fair game.

    -gregg & francis

    (thanks to rockcrusher and CHUM for being sheriff 'round these parts!)

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