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    Cleavage Of The Tetons
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    247, I grew up a mile from the Bronx.
    You are just a *****, really.

    Thanks for the neg rep, that was awesome!
    "We LOVE cows! They make trails for us.....

    And then we eat them."

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    Quote Originally Posted by 247 View Post
    This IS about Mountain biking Exclusively!!

    My point was to say that the Least place one should feel safe is when you are 15 miles deep in the Mountains with NO Cell Phone reception, No way to call 911, NO HELP Whatsoever!!!

    And People who do bad things know this (and I have seen this on the trail in MY experience...)

    ALSO Remember this guy who hid in the North Carolina Forest for 5 years!!!

    Eric Rudolph: Serial Bomber ? Eric Rudolph ? Crime Library on

    He had the FBI, National Guard, State Police, Marshall Service, etc. looking for him with Helicopters, Bloodhounds, Heat Seeking Equipment, etc.. AND NO ONE COULD FIND THIS GUY in the woods!!

    Isn't this area home to one of (if not the best, real mountain biking trails in the Country?? If not the entire planet???)

    so this is definitely about Mountain Biking (and being deep in the woods where anyone can run into this guy!!)

    I am sure everyone is familiar with the saying, "Head for the Hills"--

    well the one thing criminals know is if they do not want to be found (head to the woods...)

    I have seen stories like this (and one where a child abductor kept his victims in a cave he built in the woods!!) Imagine running up to one of these guys at the trailhead (and you got NO chance with a whistle!!)

    Injured Westside home invasion robbery victim hid in woods until police arrive |

    Imagine you are just out wanting to go on a nice ride one day for some exercise and fresh air (or trying to beat your STRAVA times on a trail) and all of a sudden you have NO IDEA who is 'laying' for you behind that tree (waiting to basically do you some serious harm, or possibly ending your life) because they know how much heroin they could buy selling your 5K bike (and your cell phone, credit cards)---maybe even get your keys ad steal your car also?? knowing it could be days (or weeks, IF EVER) that someone finds out what happened??

    ---So my main point with this post is just what I had been saying about this very same thing when I started Mounting Biking (and the crime and weirdo's I have seen on the trails..)

    Wasn't there this one guy in Cali. who chased Mountain Bikers with machetes (for years) attacking them?

    Also in Philly at THE WISS some fool (for years) would have his dogs bite mountain bikers (PMBA would always cover that)

    --So case in point, Crime is about one thing, opportunity!! Sooner or later with more people out riding trails, and more video cameras everywhere, criminals will get wise as to there being more opportunities to get over on someone on the trails...

    That is why here in Philly they target the cars like they do (because they know no one is around, no one cares if someone's alarm goes off, and by the time someone can react it is too late)---

    this is a good video (and where I even park my car!!)

    Thefts From Cars in Fairmount Park | NBC 10 Philadelphia

    --p.s. they say in this video there are a few thefts (PLEASE!!!!)--there was a stretch a few years ago that every time I came to ride (5 times a week for 3 months) upon returning to my car I Always saw someone's window broken (or car doors open)---I even took a video on my cell looking into a car that had all 4 doors open (looking to see if someone was hurt)--then called the police... that car had nothing left inside (and was a new car..)
    I think you are just hanging around the wrong kind of people dude.

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