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    Brightstar E-News 20070119

    Darkbuster HID Diving Torch
    Information provided from the BrightStar E Newsletter

    Brightstar continues to move forward in underwater
    photography with the introduction of the aluminum
    universal arm set.

    Levin HID Bike Lite
    It's become clear that the quality and performance
    of Levin HID bike light is amazing. Levin is offering
    near-perfect light output for off-road rider.

    New 35W conversion kit
    The incredible slim 35W ballast is
    the most exciting upgrade from Brightstar.
    It not only makes installation simple but also
    saves shipping cost a lot.

    [SIZE="3"]Q & A[/SIZE]

    Q :
    How do I resolve the problem of Check Lamp signal while installing a HID conversion?

    A : There are two solutions to overcome this problem:
    1. The warm-up time (for HID bulb) of our new A2/B2 super slim ballast has been shortened to 2 seconds, which could meet with the detection of car computer. Hence, the warning light will not reveal in the dashboard.
    2. We have design a harness to put between power supplier and ballast, which could comply with the detection of car computer to regard as the 55W original head lamp

    Victor Chung
    Brightstar E-News
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