Its too bad all 5 of those folks will be dead bytomorrow. All given a death sentence.
For some it was carried out in 1979, while for others it will be carried out on Tuesday.

I'd be comfortable if all 5 of them were alive Jan 1, 2006, but it appears they'll all be dead.

While I'm not for the death penalty and comfortable with "life without parole", I must say it would have gone a long way in this guy's favor if he had ever said he was even a bit sorry for the folks he killed.
But like most in prison, he didn't do the crime, but was instead framed or something.
Tell me, and please use some common sense, don't ya kind of think that the "founder" of the most notorius gang in America just might be the kind of guy who sometime, somewhere, murdered someone or ordered someone to murder someone?

Not exactly the best "poster child" for ending capital punishment.
Still, having said all the above, I'd have no problem with him staying "alive" in jail for the next 30 years.

BTW, of all the 5 names in the subject title, can you please give me them in order of their right to live a full life.....
Every time the one name is mentioned during the next 24 hours, all the other 4 names should be mentioned. Burdensome and repetitive, but its about the only way to add reality and fairness to this media event.
I know the 4 unknowns were never nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but I'd bet it was only a oversight since it seems to be a fairly common honor these days.