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    Political deadlock paralyses Iraq

    so much for the winning of their hearts and minds

    is it me, or is it always the case that when an outside force tries to influence the internal workings of a country, things just get worse?...perhaps it's old age, but I can't recall a single example of a success story, regardless of the country that intervened or it's intentions...looks like deja vu all over again

    [SIZE=5]Political deadlock paralyses Iraq[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=3]The US occupation and political meddling has left Iraq in a chaotic deadlock, a leading analyst says.[/SIZE]

    Haroun Muhamad, an Iraqi political analyst, says inept and inexperienced leaders have locked Iraq into a political crisis.

    "The US occupation has created an incurable situation in Iraq, by letting unqualified and sectarian politicians rise to power," he told

    "With the current amount of unqualified statesmen in Iraq, it is very difficult even for the US to rectify the situation and bring to the limelight some responsible officials."

    The United Iraqi Alliance, a Shia list that won the biggest number of seats (128) in Iraq's last parliamentary elections, insists the government must be formed according to election results.

    Iraq's most powerful Shia politician, Abd al-Aziz al-Hakim, has said the Shia will oppose some key Sunni demands, including the cancellation of the elections results and amendments to the constitution. He has also refused to assign Sunni politicians to major ministries such as defence and interior.

    However, Sunni politicians insist that the Iraq constitution stipulated that, after the permanent General Assembly was elected, the constitution would be reviewed. They are now threatening to boycott the government if their demands are not met.

    Dr Dhafir al-Ani, a spokesman for the Iraqi Coordination Front, a Sunni list, told that the front would fight until the injustices of the last elections were rectified.

    The electoral commission found fraudulent voting in certain strategic Sunni constituencies and ruled that votes from these districts were null and void.

    Al-Ani says: "The electoral commission prevented us from votes enough to give us 11 seats. We will invest every opportunity to contest the results through the Iraqi courts."


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    no surprise here.

    you cannot "win hearts and minds" while you are killing those same hearts and minds, as well as the loved ones of those hearts and minds.

    I wonder how many times the American people must be told about the Iraq failure/con job/boondoggle/private annuity for Bush friends & family, before they get the truth in them, believed and followed....

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