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    Miers drops Supreme Ct bid in order to concentrate on scaring kids on Halloween

    Harriet Miers, the White House counsel, withdrew her nomination to be an associate justice on the Supreme Court today.
    According to a Miers spokesman, she is responding to overwhelming insistance that she devote her full time this week to scaring Trick-or-Treaters with intensive eyeliner methods.
    As spokesman Richard Spinster said, "Ms. Miers has quite unexpectedly found a new calling late in life and hopes her career as a "frightmeister" will produce fond Halloween memories in children for decades to come"
    The Wall Street Journal also reported late Wednesdy that Maybelline has offered Ms Miers a seven figure contract to serve as spokesmodel for the company's eyeliner products through 2010.

    White House press officers offered a terse "no comment" when asked about the Wall Street Journal story.

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    I'll bet she dresses up like Ozzy Osbourne. She'd be a dead-ringer for him.

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