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    Has anyone seen Aurora Borealis?

    Has anyone seen Aurora Borealis?

    We've had recent deaths of family and friends discussed in this f=88 family, have discussed old age, dementia, suicide, and also discussed living with grief and guilt after the passing of our family and friends.

    May I direct you to the film Aurora Borealis if you are not already aware of it...

    Donald Sutherland was magnificent with his portrayal of an elderly person suffering Parkinson's disease. At times he made it painful for us to watch.

    Early death, late death, suicide, dealing with the death of a family member or friend, everyone in the film all seemed to have carried the burden because of it.

    A topic that concerns us all. No glossing over in the film. The scenes are as raw as you could imagine.

    The film is good impetus for the grieving to get on with their lives.

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