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Thread: Deja Vu

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    Deja Vu

    A good story/analogy.

    One of my 50 year old buddies once was cut off hard in his auto and taunted for miles by a real tough 30 year old guy who wanted nothing less than a fist fight After several near misses with this 30 year old guy trying to run him off the road, my buddy finally pulled over to the shoulder, 30 year old guy got out with a 5 battery mag light, 50 year old guy got out with a similar "tool", 50 year old guy beat the snot out of tough guy and was later arrested at his house, after all was said and done 50 year old guy was out 5K plus, four days in jail and on formal probation for 5 years.

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    Road rage. The prosecutor decides on assault charges based on police reports.

    Sounds like your man didn't speak up loudly enough.

    People don't get it. The police make the judgment call, if you don't speak up, you're the one who gets it up the ass in cases like that..
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