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    Butch put his foot down on earmarks, it's about time.

    The Rep's have put through a record number of them and now they are ready to put a stop to the practice so the "Dem's majority" has to play in a bi-partisan way. Washinton is such hypocritical place, both sides of the isle.
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    Whilst listening to all of about 10 minutes of the SOTU, I must've heard about 10 'earmark' references. It's one of those things you know vocab-wise, but when you hear it so many times you begin to question the meaning of the word after awhile.

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    the analysis

    (if I can't get earmarks for my corrupt friends, then there will be no earmarks)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystery Shopper
    (if I can't get earmarks for my corrupt friends, then there will be no earmarks)
    That a direct quote from ol' "our troops killed iraqis in cold blood" john murtha?

    [SIZE=4][SIZE=1][SIZE=4][SIZE=1][SIZE=4][SIZE=1] Mr. Murtha led all House members this year(2007), securing $162 million in district favors, according to the watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
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    "The earmark president" , , , a befitting title if there ever was. . .


    Quote Originally Posted by TPM
    Behind the curtains, however, many conservatives are finding that old habits die hard. Several Republican appropriators complain that “Boehner is going too far.” Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MI) said he “is not about to embrace a mandatory reduction in earmarks.” David Hobson (R-OH) ripped his party’s leaders: “It’s kind of an emotional thing they’re trying to do…it’s a PR move.”

    and, , ,
    Quote Originally Posted by NYT
    WASHINGTON — President Bush has never shown much distaste for Congressional pork.

    But in his last year in office, with his party out of power on Capitol Hill, he declared Monday that he had had enough.

    In the last seven years he has signed spending bills containing about 55,000 earmarks worth more than $100 billion for projects like a new lane for a local road, a new facade for a town landmark or a weapons contract for a company that happened to be a big donor to an influential lawmaker.
    The earmark president

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