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    3 Brits shot in sniper hell...that's why the Brits want to leave Mr. Cheney

    3 Brits shot in sniper hell...that's why the Brits want to leave Mr. Cheney

    [SIZE="1"]Victim ... Rifleman Daniel Coffey[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]3 Brits shot in sniper hell[/SIZE]

    Defence Editor, in Basra
    March 02, 2007

    A THIRD British soldier was fighting for life last night as crack sniper teams emerged as a terrifying new threat in Iraq.

    The soldier was critical after a third attack in 24 hours on Our Boys in Basra.

    Top brass fear new units of snipers touring the city in cars have been sent from capital Baghdad where the tactic is often used against US troops.

    The sniper units were first spotted about four weeks ago.

    On Tuesday one of the hit squads killed Rifleman Daniel Coffey, 21, from the 2nd Battalion, the Rifles. He was shot through the head watching out for enemies while half-in, half-out of an armoured vehicle.

    A second soldier hit in the chest on Wednesday was stable in hospital last night.

    At 4.15pm on Wednesday the third victim, in full body armour and a helmet, was also hit in a Warrior fighting vehicle. The Staffordshire Regiment soldier had been detained at a car crash for 40 minutes.

    It is thought the snipers are tipped off whenever soldiers stop to carry out a task. They fire just one or two bullets before speeding off.

    3 Brits shot in sniper hell
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